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Disabled Access to Buildings and Parking Lots

All buildings and parking lots are covered by the Americans With Disabilities Act which requires all publicly assessable facilities to make sure that persons with disabilities are given equal access to the facilities. The law was established by the federal government. The government maintains a website with a great deal of information regarding the laws and regulations along with the design requirements for ADA compliance.

When a business does not comply with the ADA or fails to provide for safe access and facilities for disabled persons, it is common for a disabled person to suffer injuries. For example, if a parking lot fails to have ramps to allow persons with wheelchairs to access a business from the property, it is quite possible that a person gets hurt trying to access the store or business. You may also have a claim for disability discrimination.

Ramps in parking lots must also be constructed properly to avoid causing a hazard. The steepness and length of the ramp must comply with specific standards. Railings must also be placed in certain businesses and apartments, particularly if requested by a resident, in order to help disabled persons safely navigate through an area.

Disabled persons are vulnerable and the law affords them protections. When you or a family member are victimized due to disability discrimination, you may also have a personal injury claim based upon the negligence of the property owner. Our firm has attorneys who can help you with both the discrimination claim and the personal injury claim and find monetary compensation for your pain and suffering.

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