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Defective Building Conditions and Stairs

All buildings have to be constructed and maintained in accordance with building codes, including codes that govern accessibility for persons with disabilities. When the building is not up to code, hazards may exist due to the faulty condition of the property. Most buildings must meet minimum standards established under the Uniform or International Building Code or as established by the Washington Building Code.

If portions of a building are falling apart or not properly maintained, this can create hazards in the forms of uneven flooring or not supporting weight which can result in people falling through the floor or having a foot go through the floor, often resulting in severe injuries. We also have seen instances where handrails or guardrails are not placed properly along stairs or open sides which can result in falls and injuries.

If you suspect that a portion of a building or property was not properly maintained or constructed and caused you injury, you can likely bring a claim against the property owner and its insurance company. Most properties well insured which allows you an avenue to recover money for your medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

If you or a family member suffer severe injuries due to a defective building or condition in a building, parking lot or property, it is important to contact us. We will need to investigate the condition before the landowner has a chance to make changes.

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