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Seattle Trip and Fall Attorneys

At Emerald Law Group, we are experienced and dedicated Seattle trip and fall attorneys. Most trip and fall injuries happen when someone falls while on a city sidewalk or on someone else’s property. The terms “trip and fall” is commonly used to describe the mechanism of injury. Whenever you enter a business or walk down a city street, the property owner or municipality is required to make sure you are safe and not subject to any unreasonable harm.

When a customer walks into a store, the customer is what the law calls a “business invitee” or a person who is entering the property for the benefit of the business. The benefit to the business is that you are there to spend your money. You are a business invitee when you go to the grocery store such as QFC or Safeway, and when you go to stores such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot, or any restaurant like McDonalds or Subway. These store owners and franchises make billions of dollars off of you, the customer. In exchange, the premises need to be safe and maintained in a condition that is free of hazards.

The law requires that a business owner and its employees take measures to prevent you from injuring yourself due to an unsafe condition that the business knows about or should know about. If the business owner or its employees creates the unsafe condition, this is also a basis for liability. The same goes for city and county sidewalks. A city, municipality, or county must maintain sidewalks in a safe manner for ordinary use by pedestrians. 

We also see many trip and falls due to faulty construction or maintenance of buildings and parking lots. Governments, including city and county governments, are responsible for making sure the streets and sidewalks are safe for the public. We use the term “risers” to refer to areas of sidewalks that are raised or depressed more than a half-inch, which creates a trip hazard. If you rent, the common areas of your apartment or house must also be maintained by the landlord to prevent injuries to tenants.

We represent people who are injured due to a wide variety of conditions on city sidewalks, property, or inside businesses. Call us today if you or a loved one suffers a trip and fall and needs help to fight against the insurance companies who will take advantage of your situation. We are experienced Seattle trip and fall attorneys and we are here to help.

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