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Product Defect Attorneys – Dangerous and Defective Products

As a consumer, the products that you purchase are supposed to be safe for their intended use. Many companies, however, sacrifice safety concerns and cut corners in order to maximize their profits and avoid the costs associated with altering or improving the product. Washington law makes these companies responsible for the injuries that result when unsafe products cause you or your family injuries.

When products are sold to the public, the manufacturer is responsible for making sure that the product is designed safely, manufactured properly and safely, and marketed safely – meaning that people who buy the product are informed how to safely and properly use the product without causing injury. When manufacturers cut corners, consumers – including children – can fall victim.

Common types of product defects include the following but come in many forms:

  • Toys and toy parts that can cause injury to children;
  • Defective car parts such as airbags and seatbelts;
  • Defective machinery that causes injury or does not shut off when it should;
  • Medical devices that cause unnecessary injury
  • Products that combust or explode

A manufacturer is liable for injuries if its conduct violates Washington law as codified in RCW 7.72 – also known as the Washington Products Liability Act. The statute establishes essentially three different bases for a product defect claim – design defects, marketing defects and manufacturing defects. Breaches of warranties can also give rise to injuries and causes of action.

Design defects occur when the design of a product is unsafe. This means that the product, even if it made exactly as the manufacturer intended, was not designed properly. Manufacturing defects reflect a product that was not properly made or differed from the other products made by the same manufacturer. Finally, marketing defects result from improper instructions to the consumer that result in injuries when a consumer attempts to use the product.

If a product purchased for you or your family causes you to suffer personal injuries, contact our firm. Our attorneys offer free evaluations and do not charge a fee unless you and your family recover money.

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