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Nursing Home Injuries and Abuse

At Emerald Law Group we have represented many clients who have suffered a nursing home injury. No one should suffer in a nursing home or assisted living facility. We entrust nursing homes and similar facilities to care for the most vulnerable members of our families and communities – the elderly, sick, and disabled, often who cannot fend for themselves and rely upon the help of others. These facilities are often owned, staffed, and run by large corporations who profit handsomely off your family and the thousands of dollars they collect.

Many victims of nursing home abuse and neglect cannot speak for themselves due to disabilities, age, or medical problems. It is important to monitor the conditions at nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities to make sure that your family member is not suffering from bedsores caused by failure to move the patient and prevent bedsores from worsening or becoming infected.

Types of injuries that a person can suffer at a nursing home include the following:

  • Physical and sexual abuse;
  • Mental and emotional abuse;
  • Broken bones and fractures caused by falls;
  • Improper medication or over medication;
  • Wrongful death caused by neglect or abuse.

Washington’s Vulnerable Adult Statute allows a person who is considered a vulnerable adult to pursue a cause of action if he or she is neglected, abandoned, abused, or exploited financially to seek damages against the facility where he or she was living. If the person was receiving in-home care or hospice care, the same right to recovery exists. The statute is unique because it also allows recovery of attorney fees upon a finding of neglect or abuse.

If you suspect that someone in your family is being abused or neglected by a nursing home or in-home caregiver, report the facility to the Department of Social and Health Services. DSHS maintains a database where you can also search by facility to find out the history of any abuse or reports of problems at facilities.

It is important to contact an attorney who can help you and your family investigate and determine if abuse or neglect has occurred at an assisted living facility or nursing home. Nursing home abuse is rampant and often goes unnoticed or unpunished because the victim is often incapacitated and unable to communicate. If you or your family fall victim to an abusive nursing home or suffer a nursing home injury, contact us for a free consultation with our attorneys.

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