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Motorcycle accidents and crashes involving motorcyclists often result in severe and catastrophic injuries. As a motorcyclist, you are the most exposed person on the road or highway. If you or a loved one is injured or killed in a motorcycle accident, you need representation from an attorney who can help you and your family fight back against the insurance companies that will do everything to avoid paying you what you deserve.

motorcycle accidentAs a motorcyclist, you lack the protections that other drivers have inside their vehicles and with the benefit of seat belts, airbags and other safety devices. Motorcycles are also much less visible on the road due to their size, especially relative to the other vehicles on the road. The Institute for Highway Safety has found that motorcyclists per mile traveled are much more likely to suffer fatalities or catastrophic injuries than any other driver on the road.

These same studies show that motorcyclists are much more likely to suffer brain and head injuries in accidents, even with the use of helmets. These severe types of injuries can have lasting impacts on you and your family, injuries and damages that you should not face alone. Just as you are vulnerable on the road to negligent or reckless drivers – including those who do not keep a proper lookout – you and your family are vulnerable to insurance companies who want to settle quickly and cheaply with you.

If you and your family are involved in a motorcycle accident and suffer injuries, contact our firm for a free consultation. There are no attorney fees unless we recover money for you. We will investigate your accident and claim to determine how to help you and your family through this difficult time. We can help protect you and your family from the constant phone calls and insurance adjusters that will hound you incessantly.

Washington law treats motorcycles a bit differently than car and truck owners. Washington’s insurance regulations and laws require drivers to purchase liability insurance – which is the type of insurance that you purchase in case you cause an accident. Washington law also requires that insurance companies offer certain types of insurance such as personal injury protection to pay medical bills or uninsured motorist coverage to insure you if a driver without insurance hits you or causes an accident.

Motorcyclists are not required to purchase liability insurance if they only drive a motorcycle – this means that if you are injured by a motorcyclist, there is a possibility that there is no insurance coverage available to pay you, another reason to buy uninsured motorist coverage in Washington. In addition, the insurance companies are not required to offer uninsured motorist coverage or personal injury protection. If you have any questions about the insurance coverage that affects your motorcycle accident claim or case, please call us or contact us through our website.

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