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Seattle Catastrophic Injury Attorneys

Serious and catastrophic injuries likely will affect you and your family for the duration of your lifetime. These include injuries that result in long term medical care, occupation therapy and rehabilitation, or serious brain injuries that require extensive treatment. Lost use of limbs or other parts of your body will also leave you with a lifetime of struggle that must be overcome both medically and financially. Paralysis and permanent disability will undoubtedly affect your life forever and alter your and your family’s lives in ways no one can imagine.

catastophic injuryWhen you or a family member suffers severe injuries, it impacts every aspect of your life from work to family to your social life. You and your family or loved ones should not be on your own dealing with insurance companies or claims adjusters during these difficult times. Our attorneys are here to offer our wealth of knowledge and experience to get your family the compensation that you deserve.

Developing the damages – or the amount you deserve in compensation – for a case is complicated, particularly when we must factor in costs for long term care, round-the-clock assistance, equipment and facility costs, and the lifetime of wage and earnings losses. With the help of economist and other experts, we can help develop and articulate the damages.

During this difficult time, insurance companies and their adjusters will contact you and try to quickly settle your case, even before you could know what your damages are. During this difficult time, you need someone to advocate for you and deal with the insurance company for you. If you or a loved one suffers a catastrophic injury or requires long-term medical care as a result of an injury, contact our office. We can immediately schedule a meeting or find a time and place to meet with you to discuss your options.

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