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Seattle and Washington residents purchase insurance with the expectation that the insurance company will cover losses when they occur. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. When the insurance company gives you the run around, contact a Seattle area attorney who can help you with your insurance bad faith case. Whether it is homeowners insurance, auto insurance or other types of insurance, you expect that the insurance company will cover you when the worst happens.

Washington law has the same expectation and provides you with an avenue to make the insurance company pay when they wrongfully deny your claim. Washington’s Insurance Fair Conduct Act, enacted several years ago, forces your insurance company to live up to the policy that you purchased. In addition to honoring rightful claims, Washington law also requires the insurance companies to act promptly in resolving claims and provides for attorney fees and costs when you fall victim to bad faith by the insurer.

In Washington, your insurance company’s wrongful acts are also considered violations of the Consumer Protection Act, which also affords you additional protection. If you feel that your claim was wrongfully denied or denied in bad faith, contact an insurance bad faith attorney who can help you with your claim in Seattle, Tacoma or throughout Washington. Our attorneys are here to help you seek justice when insurance companies fail to provide you the coverage that you paid for and deserve.

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