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Washington and federal law requires every child in the state of Washington to attend school. Every child also has a right to a free public education. As a result, Washington law makes schools responsible for the welfare and safeguarding of your children while they are at school or under the supervision of school employees, including teachers and staff. When your child is injured at school, you need to consult a Seattle school injury attorney who can help assess your claim and help you fight for your child’s rights.

If you child has a special physical need, schools are required to provide and implement a plan to protect your child throughout the school day. Some children have physical or mental limitations that require special measures that all school staff and employees must know and follow in order to prevent injury to the child. When the school fails to abide by its own standards or acts negligently, your child risks injuries that should have been prevented by the school and its officials.

The school’s responsibility for your child extends into after-school and extra-curricular activities such as clubs and sports. Oftentimes, schools will ask you to sign waivers or releases when your child participates in any physical activities such as football or other sports. If your child is injured while participating in these activities, it is important for you to make us aware of waivers or other documents that you may have signed as these can affect the liability of the school. Even if you have signed a waiver, you should consult an attorney familiar with school injuries as the waiver may be defective or other avenues for recovery may be available.

If your child is injured at a public or private school, contact us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your child’s school injury case. Call The Emerald Law Group at 206- 826-5160 now.

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