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Seattle Foster Home Abuse Lawyer

Seattle Foster Home Abuse Lawyer | Seattle DSHS Lawyer

When children are placed into foster homes by the Department of Health and Social Services or Child Protective Services, the state and its administrative agencies may be liable if a child is sexually abused or molested while in foster care. In Washington, every foster parent is supposed to undergo a thorough investigation and training program in order to be licensed in Washington. Foster parents are also eligible for compensation from the state for their services.

If you or a family member were abused while in foster care, you may have a claim if the state failed to take appropriate measures to make sure that the foster parents had no criminal records or other indications that he or she was unfit to serve as a foster parents. When the state and its employees place Washington and Seattle children at risk of molestation or abuse, the law may permit recovery for damages caused.

Contact a Washington attorney who can help you and your family assess your possible claim against the state or other responsible individuals. Sexual abuse of minors has a unique statute of limitations that may allow you to recover even if the abuse happened years ago but you only recently recognized the abuse or the damages stemming from the abuse.

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