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Many Seattle area families rely on Washington licensed day care facilities for child care during the work day or after school programs. We trust that these facilities are properly staffed and secured to take care of our children and to keep them safe from harm when we are not there. Unfortunately, many day cares fail to live up the standards imposed by law or act negligently in supervising your children. As a result, your child can suffer injuries.

Whether due to cost-cutting or lack of attention, many day cares across the state fail you and your child on a regular basis. When a child is injured to the day care’s negligence, we are here to protect you and your child’s rights by helping you bring a claim or lawsuit against the day care. Most day cares are insured by large insurance groups that will fight and resist any claim that you bring. Unfortunately, many parents may try to go at it alone without legal counsel to fight against the insurance companies that protect even the most negligent of day cares.

Our firm is dedicated to helping your child and family recover from injuries that your child suffers due to a daycare’s negligence. We expect our children to be supervised and for facilities, including playground and common areas, to be compliant with relevant Washington codes and regulations. If your child is injured while at a daycare or after-school program, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Contact us today if your child has suffered an injury at a day care or child care facility. We offer a free consultation and you pay no fees until we recover for your child. Call The Emerald Law Group at 206- 826-5160 now.

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