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Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall Wrongful Death August 28, 2020

Nursing Home Falls – Tragic and Preventable

Nursing homes have been in the news a lot due to the COVID-19 pandemic causing outbreaks of the coronavirus in adult care facilities all over the country. Even before the tragedy of COVID-19, a constant danger to residents of nursing homes and adult care facilities has been the risk of falls. Half of the residents […]

Slip and Fall August 17, 2020

$260,000.00 Trip and Fall Settlement

Earlier this month, Emerald Law Group settled a trip and fall case against a large Puget Sound City and a landowner. The client, a 57-year-old woman was walking on a busy sidewalk when she tripped on an uneven section of the walkway, injuring her knee. Both the City and the adjoining landowner disputed liability. Emerald […]

Slip and Fall July 16, 2020

Catholic clergy sexual abuse and state investigations

Pervasive child sex abuse has taken place in many Catholic Archdioceses across the country, including here in Washington. Many U.S. dioceses and other religious orders have released lists of clergy known to be sexual abusers. The sudden increase in such lists of known abusers is in large part due to the State of Pennsylvania’s Grand Jury […]

Slip and Fall July 30, 2017

Tree Wells and Trip and Fall Accidents

Seattle’s urban forest canopy covers 23% of the city according to the American Forests rankings. That places Seattle in the top 10 for urban tree coverage. While all these trees provide many benefits, such the removal of air pollutants and making the city more attractive, they can cause safety issues if they are not Properly […]

slipped on ice

Slip and Fall December 16, 2016

Slip and Falls From Ice and Snow

From the time we take a step to the time we are flat on our back takes less than a second. While a slip and fall accident takes less than a second, the injuries from a slip and fall can last a lifetime. With Winter here, sidewalks and floors will be wet for the next […]

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