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Dog Bite Injuries Warrant A Payout

Dog Bite Injuries Warrant A Payout

According to an article in the Tacoma News Tribune, Washington ranks 20th in the nation for the number of dog bite claims brought for injuries suffered in dog attacks. Insurers paid out a total of $13.7 million dollars for 337 reported claims— an average of about $40,000.00 per claim.

337 reported claims mean almost one person a day in Washington is the victim of a dog bite that results in injures severe enough to warrant an insurance claim. Many people injured in dog attacks may not even realize they have a claim for damages if they are bitten by someone else’s dog. If you are bitten by a dog, we can help. Dog bites present some unique challenges in determining whether there is applicable insurance coverage. Trying to deal with an insurance company on your own can be frustrating and intimidating.

We represent people all over Washington who have been bitten by dogs. If you have been the victim of a dog attack, contact us for a free consultation.

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