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Most of have seen the headlines around the country regarding the sex abuse scandal perpetuated by the Catholic Church and its various archdiocese and religious orders. Victims of sex abuse perpetuated by Catholic priests can be found throughout the world, a fact that speaks to the negligence and failure of the Catholic church to rid itself of pedophile priests. As more facts come to light, many of which having been kept secret by the church, we see a widespread institutional flaw in the Catholic church that has resulted in thousands of children being abused over the span of several decades. While the Catholic church has received much attention, other religious orders and groups have also allowed pedophiles into their flock who sexually abused and molested children.

MWhile we may never know the full extent of the problem, our attorneys are here to help you and your family if you were victimized by a priest or other member of a religious order. Many states, including Washington, also permit victims who have now reached adulthood to come forward years after the abuse and seek justice. Many times victims of sexual abuse may not realize the abuse until well into their adulthood and decades after the abuse. The recent media attention regarding sex abuse perpetuated by priests has caused many persons to come forward.

MIf you were sexually abused by a priest, preacher or other person working for or at a church or other religious order, come forward and break your silence. Our attorneys are here to help direct you toward counseling and non-profit groups who can help you while we look into your claim and help you determine the proper means to recover from the responsible entities and churches. Any information your provide to us is kept in the strictest of confidence and your attorney-client privilege guarantees that we will never communicate with anyone regarding your situation without your permission.

MIf you or someone you know was abused by a priest, contact us today to schedule a free, private consultation. Call The Emerald Law Group at 206- 826-5160.

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