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Child Injuries

Daycare Liability Insurance Requirements

We represent children that have been injured at daycares and child care centers throughout the State of Washington. Too often children are injured due to the negligent supervision of those we entrust to care for our children. We see injuries due to improper or negligent supervision, physical or sexual abuse, playground injuries, and a host […]

drowning child

Child Injuries Wrongful Death February 15, 2017

Drowning Deaths in Washington – Negligent Supervision of Children

Every summer people throughout Washington flock to our many lakes, rivers and beaches to swim and recreate. Many summer camps and organizations bring children to these same locations to swim and play in the water. Drownings, however, occur every year and often the victims are children who do not know how to swim or who […]

Daycare Death

Child Injuries August 18, 2016

Daycare Investigation After Child Dies

Representing Children Injured at Daycares The police are currently investigating the death of a 2-year old child at a daycare in Bothell, just north of Seattle. The child apparently was dropped off at the daycare and later died after staff at the daycare reported the child having difficulty breathing. It is presently unknown how or […]

injured child

Child Injuries December 12, 2015

Settling Injuries to Children in Washington – Minor Settlements

Washington law seeks to protect the interests of children who are injured and whose parents or guardians seek compensation on the child’s behalf. Any settlement reached for injuries suffered by a child must be approved by the court, even if no lawsuit is initiated. If a minor is injured in a car accident and his […]

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