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Bicycle Accident

ghost bike

Bicycle Accident December 7, 2017

White Bicycles and Outlines of People – Reminders of Wrongful Pedestrian and Bicycle Deaths

If you live or work in the Seattle area, you may have seen white bicycles or the outlines of pedestrians on sidewalks or along bike paths throughout the city and county. These are the results of a project known as Ghost Bikes – which works to raise awareness of bicycle fatalities and safety concerns. The […]


Bicycle Accident September 7, 2016

Bicyclist killed by streetcar tracks – potential liability for city of Seattle?

A local Seattle woman died due to injuries she sustained when she crashed while biking across the streetcar tracks on Yesler Way. According to the KOMO article, the cyclist was riding eastbound on Yesler and crashed when she crossed the streetcar tracks near 13th Avenue. Family members cited in the article indicated that the cyclist […]

bike safety

Bicycle Accident August 29, 2016

Cities Making Bicyclists Safer – Ideas from Other Cities

Biking.com reported on 8 different cities that are undertaking projects and programs to make cycling safer in the metropolitan areas. Included in the article were cities such as Portland, Chicago and Philadelphia – all cities that have active and robust cycling communities. Citied in the article is a study that found that bicycling safety increases […]

Destroyed Bike

Bicycle Accident August 10, 2016

Bicyclist Killed In Hit-and-Run Accident

A bicyclist was struck and killed by a driver who fled the accident scene. According to the reports, a red truck struck the bicyclist from behind as the bicyclist and truck traveled on a highway near the Chelan Airport. The police later found the red truck abandoned in a field. Hopefully the police will find […]

Car Bicycle Accident

Bicycle Accident August 2, 2016

Watch Out for Bicyclists – Recent Capital Accident Likely Due to Inattention

Its summertime and a lot of people are out on their bikes enjoying the nice weather. Even when the weather is terrible, Seattle and the Puget Sound region has an abundance of bicyclists who use our roads and highways for commuting and exercise. If you are driving, the law requires you to keep a lookout […]

seattle bicycle accident

Bicycle Accident June 22, 2016

Seattle Pays Out In Bike Accident Settlement

Recently, the City of Seattle paid $375,000 to pay the lion’s share of an injury settlement related to a 2012 bicycle accident. In 2012, Sally Clark, at the time on the Seattle City Council, struck a cyclist who suffered severe injuries. According the Seattle Times article, Clark was unaware that her auto insurance liability limit […]

Seattle Bike Hit and Run

Bicycle Accident February 23, 2016

Hit-and-Run Bike Accident Victim in Kirkland Seeks Out At-Fault Driver

We commented on this same accident a few weeks ago but its back in the news. According to a local news source, a local bicyclist remained hospitalized at Harborview after he was nearly killed by a negligent driver.  The victim was riding his bicycle when a driver of a Subaru made an erratic move and […]

Seattle Bike Hit and Run

Bicycle Accident February 4, 2016

2 Bicycle Accidents on Bainbridge Island

Two separate bicycle accidents occurred last week on Bainbridge Island. The island, which is accessible by ferry from Seattle and located in Kitsap County, is just across Elliott Bay from downtown Seattle and a popular residential area for people commuting into Seattle. The first accident apparently happened when a driver failed to yield the right-of-way […]

injured cyclist

Bicycle Accident January 24, 2016

Bicyclist Injured in Hit-and-Run Accident in Kirkland

A bicyclist was injured on Friday in a hit-and-run accident that occurred in Kirkland. According to the local news, the police are presently looking for witnesses who may have information about a silver Subaru Outback that struck the bicyclist outside of an apartment complex in Kirkland, near Carillon Point. We hope that the police are […]

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