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Seattle Bike Hit and Run

Bicycle Accident February 4, 2016

2 Bicycle Accidents on Bainbridge Island

Two separate bicycle accidents occurred last week on Bainbridge Island. The island, which is accessible by ferry from Seattle and located in Kitsap County, is just across Elliott Bay from downtown Seattle and a popular residential area for people commuting into Seattle. The first accident apparently happened when a driver failed to yield the right-of-way […]

dangerous dog

Dog Bites January 30, 2016

Dangerous Dogs

You may have heard the saying, “there are no bad dogs, only bad owners.” Whether that is true or not is up for debate, but the insurance industry clearly thinks certain breeds are inherently bad. In fact, certain breeds are blacklisted by insurers. How does that affect someone who is attacked and injured? The answer […]

Clergy abuse

Clergy Abuse January 28, 2016

Seattle Archdiocese Releases List of 77 Sexual Abusers

On Friday January 15, 2016 the Seattle Archdiocese released a long-overdue list of 77 clergy and other employees who had committed child sex abuse in the Puget Sound region. In its news release, the Archdiocese admits that the priests and other clergy “have allegations that are either admitted, established or determined to be credible…” As […]

Derrick Coleman

Car Accident January 27, 2016

Seattle Seahawk Hit-and-Run Accident While Under the Influence

Police are recommending that Derrick Coleman of Seahawks fame be charged with felony hit-and run after causing a car accident in October and fleeing the scene.  The victim in of the cars struck by Coleman suffered a head injury and broken collarbone. Coleman also is alleged to have smoked a synthetic marijuana product called “spice” […]

Seattle Bus

Pedestrian Accidents January 27, 2016

Seattle Bus Hits Pedestrian – 3 Injured

A King County metro bus struck a pedestrian on Monday. The sudden stop also caused injuries to two people on the bus when the bus stopped suddenly. The article does not mention much about the incident itself and how or where it occurred.   The pedestrian suffered life-threatening injurie and was rushed to Harborview – Seattle’s […]

Seattle crash

Car Accident January 27, 2016

Single Car Crash Halts Light Rail in South Seattle

Komo is reporting a fiery crash in south Seattle on Saturday. A female driver caused a single-car link to single car crash type crash when she ran into a light pole and ended up blocking the light rail train for a period of time. The driver also fled the scene on foot, another example of […]

car pile up

Car Accident January 24, 2016

6-Car Accident on Westlake Reminds Us to Slow Things Down and Keep a Proper Lookout

Kiro is reporting that a 6-vehicle accident happened on January 22nd near the intersection of Crockett and Westlake Avenue North. One of the cars was an Uber car – a service similar to a taxi provided by private vehicles via an app on your iPhone or smart phone. Based on the article, it sounds like […]

injured cyclist

Bicycle Accident January 24, 2016

Bicyclist Injured in Hit-and-Run Accident in Kirkland

A bicyclist was injured on Friday in a hit-and-run accident that occurred in Kirkland. According to the local news, the police are presently looking for witnesses who may have information about a silver Subaru Outback that struck the bicyclist outside of an apartment complex in Kirkland, near Carillon Point. We hope that the police are […]

injured child

Child Injuries December 12, 2015

Settling Injuries to Children in Washington – Minor Settlements

Washington law seeks to protect the interests of children who are injured and whose parents or guardians seek compensation on the child’s behalf. Any settlement reached for injuries suffered by a child must be approved by the court, even if no lawsuit is initiated. If a minor is injured in a car accident and his […]

seattle ferry

Maritime/Boat Accidents December 12, 2015

Seattle Maritime Accidents – Washington Ferry Injuries

Seattle Maritime Injury Attorneys and Jones Act Lawyers Washington Ferry Injuries If you are employed and working on a seagoing vessel, such as a fishing vessel or a processor, you are working in an extremely dangerous environment. Each day you face the risk of serious injury or death. In addition to the dangerous conditions in […]

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