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catastrophic injury

Catastrophic Injury February 15, 2017

Catastrophic Injuries – Seeking Compensation for Severe Injuries

Too often victims of negligence – be it due to car wrecks or slip and falls – are viewed by the public as whiners or malingerers looking for a fast and quick payday. Most people that we represent admit to having that opinion until their lives are changed by someone else’s negligence, particularly when they […]

drowning child

Child Injuries Wrongful Death February 15, 2017

Drowning Deaths in Washington – Negligent Supervision of Children

Every summer people throughout Washington flock to our many lakes, rivers and beaches to swim and recreate. Many summer camps and organizations bring children to these same locations to swim and play in the water. Drownings, however, occur every year and often the victims are children who do not know how to swim or who […]

slipped on ice

Slip and Fall December 16, 2016

Slip and Falls From Ice and Snow

From the time we take a step to the time we are flat on our back takes less than a second. While a slip and fall accident takes less than a second, the injuries from a slip and fall can last a lifetime. With Winter here, sidewalks and floors will be wet for the next […]

Seattle City Council

Employment October 17, 2016

Seattle City Council Passes New Employee Rights

On September 19, 2016, the Seattle City Council passed a bill that will give some workers more secure schedules.  The bill, which will go into effect in September 2017, offers several protections to covered employees.  The bill requires employers to give employees their schedules at least 14 days in advance.  If an employer cuts or […]

Driving on Marijuana

Car Accident DUI October 13, 2016

Marijuana and Impaired Drivers – Car Accidents in Washington

Marijuana is now legal in Washington and can be purchased by anyone over the age of 21. This includes recreational marijuana in addition to medicinal pot that can only be purchased after obtaining a prescription from a doctor and a card. Whether you agree with legalization or not, the availability of marijuana has certainly changed […]

Fatal Auto Accident

Car Accident Wrongful Death October 5, 2016

Fatalities in Car Accidents – Wrongful Death Claims

The most tragic car accident claims that we handle involve persons who pass away in the accident. Many times roll over accidents or large collisions with large trucks result in fatalities on Washington highways and roads, often due to someone else’s negligence. If a family member is killed in an accident, the victim is no […]

Uber Injury Accident

Car Accident Work Injury September 14, 2016

Injured While Driving for Uber?

Uber has exploded in the Seattle area and throughout other parts of Washington including Tacoma, Olympia and Bellevue. As an Uber driver, you spend more time on the road than most drivers and are putting yourself at risk each time you pick up passengers. You are susceptible to injuries caused by other drivers who rear-end […]


Bicycle Accident September 7, 2016

Bicyclist killed by streetcar tracks – potential liability for city of Seattle?

A local Seattle woman died due to injuries she sustained when she crashed while biking across the streetcar tracks on Yesler Way. According to the KOMO article, the cyclist was riding eastbound on Yesler and crashed when she crossed the streetcar tracks near 13th Avenue. Family members cited in the article indicated that the cyclist […]

bike safety

Bicycle Accident August 29, 2016

Cities Making Bicyclists Safer – Ideas from Other Cities

Biking.com reported on 8 different cities that are undertaking projects and programs to make cycling safer in the metropolitan areas. Included in the article were cities such as Portland, Chicago and Philadelphia – all cities that have active and robust cycling communities. Citied in the article is a study that found that bicycling safety increases […]

injured at work

Workers Comp August 29, 2016

Can I Sue My Employer If I am Injured at Work in Washington?

The short answer is no. In Washington, the law does not permit you to sue your own employer for injuries you suffered on the job even when your employer is negligent. Instead you must file a claim with the Department of Labor and Industries and seek compensation under the workers compensation scheme. Title 51 of […]

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